Saturday, July 16, 2005

1. Issue: Military Recruitment in AISD

A central research area from the June 9 meeting was related to military recruiting in schools, and representatives from Non-Military Options for Youth attended the July 15 meeting to share information about their work.

Because “opt-out” choices for parents (that is, choosing to keep your children’s contact information private from everyone, including the military) can be easy for the military to circumvent, the group discussed the need for a more thorough representation of non-military options in schools and for restrictions on military recruiters’ access to students.

Alberto volunteered to help develop a comprehensive response to the presence of the military in schools; this comprehensive response could be presented to AISD and to principals as a method for treating military recruitment similar to college recruitment. The comprehensive response would include two approaches:
a. limiting recruiters’ access to students both in time and space, and

b. replacing currently military-run school programs (like mentoring at Webb Middle School) with community resources (like Big Brothers Big Sisters and partnerships with university classes, students, and professors). (We assume that such partnerships will improve students’ learning environments in a range of ways.)

This action would begin in three ways:
a. attending AISD Board Meetings (on select Monday nights) to speak out and educate the public about current unlimited military access and about the comprehensive response we envision, then following up with phone calls and meetings with AISD administrators, and

b. connecting with teachers at Webb Middle School to develop information-dispersal there (Stacey has a few ideas here)

c. possibly developing an example community collaboration with one of Stacey’s 5th-grade classes at Pickle Elementary and by holding information groups for parents at Pickle Elementary.

Please click on “comment” below if you would like to comment on this action item or if to write that you’d like to get involved with this action item. Please include your contact information.


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I want to be involved with this action item--


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