Saturday, July 16, 2005

3. Issue: Making Information on and Action against NCLB Accessible to Parents

While doing research over the past month, Educators for Change repeatedly realized that the information available about our research areas is either physically inaccessible (cannot be downloaded or the link is missing) or is written in an inaccessible fashion (too long, too complicated, etc.).

We are particularly concerned that parents (and possibly the teachers and the students themselves) have information on how to advocate for their students around NCLB.

Action for this item will take place in two ways:
a. researching, digesting, and translating (both into accessible language and, possibly, into Spanish as well as English) available information about NCLB

b. making a flier (or a series of fliers) that offers a short version of this information and produces a couple of action items for parents that would be easy and effective (so that parents are able to act on instead of feeling overwhelmed by information)

c. a longer-term action item here might include developing a website that makes this translated information and these action items available in a central location.

Please click on “comment” below if you would like to comment on this action item or if to write that you’d like to get involved with this action item. Please include your contact information.


At 8:50 PM, Blogger E4C said...

I'd like to work on this issue area. It may take me a while to get through the information, but I think it is worth while.


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