Saturday, July 16, 2005

4. Issue: Developing E4C Community Base & Holding the Media Accountable

4. Issue: Developing E4C Community Base & Holding the Media Accountable
Since the information about NCLB, testing, and military recruitment strategies and alternatives are not readily available, and since we are a new group without an established (and, therefore, possibly objectionable or dissmissable) mission, we have the opportunity to get information and action items into the media.

Educators for Change can synthesize available information and even connect with ongoing groups to produce articles and press releases to get our name out there and thus to inform the public and put pressure on administrators about progressive education options and initiatives.

Action for this item will take place in two ways:
a. serving as a media-watch center, we will produce information points and even articles to send to appropriate area newspapers, and we will send letters to the editor to area newspapers to keep the voice of progressive educators and information about the above issues in the public eye

b. getting the word out about Educators for Change by attending and making contacts with a range of meetings of groups who are dealing with educational issues connected to our action items

c. a longer-term action item here might include developing our own publication focused on an audience of parents and students and providing digested information, useful action items, and examples of ongoing activism.

Please click on “comment” below if you would like to comment on this action item or if to write that you’d like to get involved with this action item. Please include your contact information.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger LR said...

I'd like to help produce some press releases and materials for parents and teachers about our activities--

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