Friday, August 12, 2005

Action: Creating Flier for Parents around NCLB/Testing

Please post comments if you would like to get involved with this action or if you have suggestions about process, content, or resources for this action.

At our August 10th gathering we decided to take up immediately two of the four action items outlined at the July 14th gathering: Military Recruitment in AISD and Making Information about and Action around NCLB available to parents.

Here’s what the action group on NCLB/standardized testing came up with:

Action Overview:

We plan to research and develop a flier for parents that provides them with accessible information about standardized testing under NCLB and that explains some actions they can take as parents in the District. The point of the flier will be to provide information and to empower parents as advocates for students’ best education.

We will begin research now, looking into the data Austin Interfaith has already collected, examining online and offline information provided by AISD, and exploring recent books and articles on Texas schools and NCLB.

When we complete a draft of the flier, we will hold an open forum with parents and community to review the draft and to explore distribution options.

We will distribute the flier through parent organizations and tabling, and we will seek possible approval at individual schools to have fliers sent home in backpacks.

We will start with Alliance schools from the sub-district (currently on hold).

Flier Content:
Possibilities include…
suggesting questions parents might ask teachers,
making information about testing as well as opting out available to parents, and
offering action-oriented responses for parents

Examples of actions include…
school board meeting times and description of the meeting process,
school board member contact information,
description of how to contact schools with questions

Research Areas:
Is standardized testing a problem? If so, how, and who is it a problem for? (tests as gatekeepers)
What language does AISD use around these tests?
What are these tests and how do students take them?
What does each school consider the best kind of teaching?
Does a good test score mean a student will do well on the SAT or get into college?

Research Resources:
Austin Interfaith data share?
Recent books and articles on Texas education and NCLB
AISD websites and documents


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Amy Vetter said...

I haven't been able to make it to the last few meetings, but would like to be involved in creating the flier. If you have already divided up sections to people, just let me know where I can help.



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